I studied at Cardiff College of Art in the 70s, then followed other career paths, and have resumed painting during the last 10 years since moving to the Cotswolds, where I like to follow and portray the changing of the seasons in the countryside.
I also enjoy painting and drawing in London and Cornwall and capturing the contrasts between these areas.
I think of Plein Air painting as having a conversation with the landscape and surroundings , a development of awareness. It’s a constant challenge and joy working directly from life to capture that look and feeling of a particular day, time of day, the changes of light, tone and colour.
I will usually paint for up to about two hours and if needed return another day at the same time.
I sometimes paint what I call a composite painting where I combine images (usually from sketches) from a place rather than a single scene, to give an overall feel of the subject. My paintings of Heligan Gardens and Gloucester are composite paintings.